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Lutheran Laymenís League of Canada provides several Lutheran Hour Ministriesí seminars and workshops (see outlines below), to equip members of congregations for work in their congregations and communities.

††††††††††† For more information contact: Lutheran Laymenís League of Canada Ė 1-800-555-6236


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Mission U: School of Witnessing

Practicing Hospitality: Welcoming visitors to your church

†† MISSION U is Lutheran Hour Ministriesí new witnessing-training program designed to provide lay people with the tools and training needed to confidently accept their mission of sharing Jesus Christ with unique people in diverse settings.

†† MISSION U provides a number of course options addressing topics that meet your congregationís specific witnessing-training needs. By participating in MISSION U courses, congregations will gain tools that sharpen their witnessing methods and enhance their outreach to people of all ages and backgrounds.

†† The style and format of MISSION U mirrors a 21st-century university classroom. Flexible and ongoing, it offers personal training from speakers and additional instruction via the Web. 

†† At MISSION U the focus is equipping you -- Godís chosen ambassador -- to carry His message of hope and salvation into a world urgently in need of good news

What is Mission U?††††††††† Upcoming workshops

Workshops in Canada may be arranged by contacting the Lutheran Laymenís League of Canada.


†† Training that will help your congregation create an inviting and friendly atmosphere for visitors. Using the presenterís guide and DVD, one of your own members can lead a Practicing Hospitality workshop in your congregation.

This experiential training with its light-hearted video helps us understand what it feels like to be visitor and see where we could do a better job of welcoming visitors and guests and help them integrate into our fellowship of believers.

The kit including leaders guide and instructional DVD is $75 and is available from the Lutheran Laymenís League of Canada in Kitchener, Ontario.



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