Our 2020 edition of Media in Mission can be found in the Winter edition of The Canadian Lutheran or, read it on its own. Media in Mission provides news from Lutheran Laymen’s League/Lutheran Hour Ministries-Canada.  It’s Media on a Mission to bring Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church! Our 2019 edition of Media in Mission can be found in the Winter edition of The…

NEW – Barna Resources

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) has partnered with Barna Group—an industry leader for research-based insights about faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and generational groups—on a critical three-year study of faith in America. This bold new collaboration will allow LHM to create resources and online courses that address the needs of both the churched and non-churched.

LHM Tune In Post

Sunday June 28, 2020, on the Canadian broadcast of The Lutheran Hour, Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) pastor, Rev. Scott Gamble, will be sharing a special message entitled “O Canada, Canada: A Love/Hate Relationship”. With Canada Day just around the corner, Pastor Scott’s message considers the question: Is it possible to hold two completely opposite feelings about something near and dear to your heart? Working through Matthew 23:37-39,…

LLL Board Elections

The Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada (LLL-C) Directors are responsible for guiding the operations of the League and ensuring that the gifts entrusted to us for Christian outreach are used for His glory.

The first phase of our election process is gathering names to place in nomination for Director positions for two year terms.

Deliver Us: Jesus Sets Us Free

This year the narrative of Jesus’ victory over sin and death is viewed against another emancipating act of God: Israel’s exodus from Egypt. Seen against the Old Testament backdrop of Israel’s captivity, Deliver Us: Jesus Sets Us Free illuminates the Passion story with crisp clarity and insight. Using Scriptures from the Gospels and the book of Exodus, these meditations show God at work—calling us from sin’s oppression…