This year the narrative of Jesus’ victory over sin and death is viewed against another emancipating act of God: Israel’s exodus from Egypt. Seen against the Old Testament backdrop of Israel’s captivity, Deliver Us: Jesus Sets Us Free illuminates the Passion story with crisp clarity and insight. Using Scriptures from the Gospels and the book of Exodus, these meditations show God at work—calling us from sin’s oppression to a new life in Jesus Christ. As God has acted in history, calling and redeeming people everywhere, so too today does He offer us His freedom—and fellowship—accomplished once and for all through the cross of Christ. 

 These Lenten devotions were written by Dr. Kari Vo. As an added feature, there are reflection questions for each day’s messages that can be used for self-study or as prompts for discussion when reflecting as a group. 

The cover art for the Canadian devotions was designed by Amelia Hatzitolios of Barrie Ontario.

You can download the text of these devotions in English here, French here, (and Chinese available soon) or contact us at the office for your hard copy. or 1-800-555-6236.

We also invite our Portuguese speaking friends to take part in the Lenten devotions offered by our partner Lutheran Hour Ministries – Brazil.