Start Developing the Habit of a Daily Devotional

This booklet, 30 Days of Household Devotions, will help you get started with household devotions, using a simple pattern that can work for almost anyone! To purchase this booklet click here.

Ideas to try:
  • PRAY! Ask God to reach into your life and do His will. Ask him to guide you and give your the discernment to hear His voice.
  • Pick a time of day. Are you a morning person? A night owl? At what time during the day are you less likely to be distracted? 
  • Choose a place. Find a comfy spot. Remove any distractions. Establishing a habit is likely to be more successful if you return to the same spot each day.
  • Pick a book. There are many apps available, including LHM’s daily devotional app that you can use on your phone. Holding a printed devotional and your Bible in your hand, means you are less likely to see your notifications and more likely to hear hear God’s still silent voice.
  • Grab a notebook. Write down any prayers that are on your heart. Make notes of anything that comes to mind while you meditate on the passage.
  • Share! Did the devotion or passage that you read bring a friend, family member or acquaintance to mind. Take a moment to share it with them!
  • Dig a little deeper. If you are using a devotional that highlights a section of scripture, pick up your Bible and read the whole chapter. If you have a study Bible, check the study notes.
  • Build community. Do you know someone that has the same desire to build dedicated devotional time? Choose the same study material to encourage and challenge each other with your insights and questions.
  • Keep going! Life does get a little hectic and you can miss a day or two. Give your self a little grace and carry on. 

Helping Your Child Have a Relationship with God

This series of booklets bring hope for anyone who wants to nurture their child's faith by helping them grow through welcoming others, having a relationship with God and having regular faith conversations. Email for free PDF copies.

Use for a Weekly Family Devotion

The Gospel Adventures Show is a weekly kids program created in partnership by Lutheran Hour Ministries and Group Publishing. Through Bible Stories, songs, storytelling, and activities, kids will encounter clear and compelling Gospel themes. Join our hosts, Ben and Noah, as they teach listeners about Jesus and His love for us!
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God’s Word is a light to our path. It speaks to us of God’s love, His compassion and forgiveness toward all people, and how He sent His Son to die for our sins. In the Bible we learn how to love God and how to bless and serve others. Most of all, we learn about Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Click here to purchase.

This booklet is geared towards pre-school to third-grade children. It is written in rhyme to teach and encourage children (and Parents) to spend time with God in prayer. Click here to purchase.

This booklet is geared towards pre-school to 3rd grade children. This children’s book is full of fun rhymes for youngsters (and parents). It reminds readers that both words and actions are part of telling others about Jesus. Click here to purchase.

Online Courses through LHM Learn

Lutheran Hour Ministries offers equipping resources to help you reach out with the love and Good News of Jesus Christ in your everyday life! LHM learn online courses use every learning style using video, audio, printables, digital interactions, and more! 🫶 Use these courses for personal study, with a friend or a group. <<< Click the picture to get started!

The Bible in One Year with Chad Bird

Read the Bible more in 2024! Join us for the Bible in One Year video series with 1517 Scholar, Chad Bird as he guides us through daily readings in the Old and New Testament. Head to for the reading guide and to catch up on previous posts.

Check back regularly as we add more resources to help encourage your devotional life!